Blue Plate IT Servicez passion for IT

Our driver is passion for IT. We don’t make money, we feed the beast inside. The beast is always hungry and constantly demands us to learn new technologies and apply best practices. It only sleeps well if we make the project on time and on budget. It growls pleased when we get the best feedback from the customer, it’s unsatisfied with simply “well done”. Help us feed that beast! We serve IT’s food up on a blue plate.

Professionals in custom software development

Blue Plate IT Servicez is a team of professionals with over 12 years of Software Development experience. The clients we work with have a range of business needs and requirements from their IT solutions. However, there are a few constants across the client base. The need to adopt software which will improve the performance of the business and assist in remaining profitable are key requirements.

Complex Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications development is about giving our clients the best business tool they could possibly have. We gather the required information and reach a solid understanding of the business’s ‘bigger picture’, gaining in depth knowledge of the key aims and objectives of the application for the business, including their target audience, technical requirements and going through any initial concerns they may have. Here’s the list of the complex enterprise systems we developed: